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Photographer Ren Hang tragically passed away in 2017 after long battles with depression

Ren Hang is one of the greatest film photographers of the 2010's and everyone should know about his work 

Below is his story and photos that tell it

Ren hang was born in Changchun, Jilin, China in late march of 1987 

His work is significant for its representation of Chinese sexuality within a heavily censored society

For these erotic undertones, he was arrested by PRC authorities several times

He was known to have only used two cameras (Minolta 110 Zoom & Contax T3)

We recently did a side by side test of sample images from a Contax T3 and sample images of the Minolta 110 Zoom and the results were surprisingly almost identical even though there is a $1500.00 USD + price difference between the two cameras

All of his photos almost make you say "What The F*ck"

His use of intense reds is one of my favorite things about his work

In 2007, in order to relieve the boredom of studying advertising at college, he bought a point-and-shoot camera and began shooting his friends. As a self-taught photographer, he said his style of photography was inspired by the artist Shūji Terayama 

Here is a photo above by the artist Shūji Terayama. whom Ren Hang was greatly inspired by 

Below is going to just be a bunch more of his work without words and a photo of him with his Contax T3

Rest In Peace to a true legend in the film community.

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