1. Every camera and accessory is tested thoroughly by our team and comes insured 

A. If your camera comes broken, you must file a claim with UPS, USPS, DHL, or FedEx directly (We are not responsible for any product once we drop it off for fulfillment)

2. Inquires required for every camera over $600.00 USD (Policy Updated in 2022)

A. ID required for every camera or product over $600.00 USD 

B. We have the right to refuse service to anyone we deem suspicious based on IP activity, invalid card credentials, or failure to provide proper documentation

3. The cameras you see in the product shots are just a placeholder images for most of the models and theres a chance you might not get the same exact camera photographed but the same model seen (This is due to us receiving a-lot of the same models and to keep the site clean) 

4. When purchasing a camera from us you are also agreeing that you cant return or exchange your item under any circumstance 

A. If you try to make a return or exchange you will be redirected to this page to clarify that we do not accept either under any circumstance

B. If you don't like your purchase after receiving it, its your responsibility to sell it 

C. Our product grading system is determined carefully by us and cant be challenged in a return due to all sales being final

D. We don't accept returns for anyone to make it fair across the board

5. We would be happy to answer any questions, send more photos of the product your interested in, or confirm anything before and after you make your purchase

6. Chat with us! before you buy a camera to confirm any question's or concerns you may have