Holga 120G

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Holga 120n

Images are captured at 6x45, but many choose to remove the film mask for 6x6 images. The optical lens is made from plastic and is 60mm with a f/8 aperture. There are four positions to the focusing, 1m (single), 2m (trio), 6m (group) and 10m-inf (mountain). There a shutter speed of approx 1/100 of a sec. The camera back still uses a red window with a vertical slider to choose number of exposures for either 6x6 or 6x45. The back is attached with thin metal latch pieces that slide upwards to lock. There are built-in loops for camera strap attachments also on them. The design of the back attachment is badly implemented and can allow back to fall off as they are very easy to slide downwards. The finder is designed for the square 6x6 format.
  • Included: Battery + 400 Film
  • Film Type: 35mm Film
  • Condition: Used 
  • Released: 1981-2020
  • Location: Hong Kong

Universal Electronics, Ltd. of Hong Kong (Holga) was started by Lee Ting-mo, a former employee of Yashicas Hong Kong factory. The company started in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong and was originally intended to produce electronic components like capacitors. In 1969 it had a established a successful business manufacturing electronic flash units. The Holga was created as a new product line for the company when basic electronic flash units became very common and inexpensive due to Konica popularizing them for the Konica C 35 AF. The origin of the name Holga is related to the flash strobes. The early WOC (Wing On Cheung) flash units had the Chinese characters "very bright" which is pronounced as Holgon in Cantonese. Anticipating increasing demand for cameras in mainland China, T. M. Lee set about designing a simple, rugged camera for 120 film which could be sold at an at affordable price. The original camera had only one shutter speed; scale focusing guided by four pictograms; and an aperture switch for sunny versus cloudy conditions.