Minolta AF150 Big Finder

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Minolta AF 150 Big Finder 35mm Camera with autofocus and 34mm f4.5 lens (3 elements in 3 groups). This camera is lightweight, easy to carry, and really easy to operate. It also features red-eye reduction and an Automatic FlashDX 35mm film Camera in color Champagne. 

  • Included: Battery + 400 Film 
  • Film Type: 35mm film
  • Condition: Used 
  • Released: Est. The 90s- early 2000s
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan


Minolta was a Japanese company that produced cameras from 1929 to 2003. In the 1950s, Chiyoda, as it was then called, ventured beyond manufacturing cameras and binoculars into business services, and eventually into photocopiers. Konica Minolta succeeded Minolta after they merged with Konica in 2003. After merging, the company sold its remaining camera interests to Sony in 2006. The Minolta "A" lens mount lives on i n Sony's current line of DSLRs.

Disclaimer: These are fragile pieces of history, so be careful with them and be fragile when handling.

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