Minox CD 70

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The Minox CD 70 offers autofocus, automatic exposure with manual override for backlit subjects. 35-70mm Minoctar zoom lens. The built-in flash offers automatic fill-in in low light, pre-flash reduces red-eye, and can manually be switched off for longer exposures.


  • Included: Battery + 400 Film
  • Film Type: 35mm Film
  • Condition: Used
  • Released: 1996
  • Location: Germany 


Dating back to the late 1930s, Estonian engineer Walter Zapp designed the classic Minox sub-miniature camera. It was produced in Riga (Latvia) by Valsts Electrotechniska Fabrika (VEF) in 1937-1944. After the war, Minox's cameras continued to develop and evolve in Germany, and shortly after, in 1948, the first German Minox launched. The light aluminum shell Minox B, which included a coupled lightmeter, was produced from 1958 to 1972. It was followed by Minox C in 1969. In 1998, The Minox CD 70 won the iF World Design Award for Best Camera Build. 

Disclaimer: These are fragile pieces of history, so be careful with them and be fragile when handling.

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