Pentax Espio AF Zoom

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Using a 35 to 70mm f/4.3 to 8 powered zoom lens, the Pentax Espio AF Zoom can focus from 0.6m to infinity. This compact camera features a built-in flash with multiple flash modes (including red-eye), autoexposure, numerous shooting modes, and one-touch zoom. Settings for single frame, self-timer, constitutive frames, multiple exposure, interval (3 min), and interval (60 min). Flash settings include auto, daylight sync, backlight (flash off), bulb (flash off), and bulb-sync.

Included: Battery + 400 Film
Film Type: 35mm Film
Condition: Mint
Released: 1992
Location: Japan


    Pentax Espio AF Zoom is an autofocus 35mm compact camera introduced by Pentax in 1992 as a part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series. Pentax released the original Pentax IQZoom in 1986. Several years later, the Pentax Espio camera launched in 1992. From 1990-2005, Pentax sorted its compact cameras into two groups. The low-end range had a PC prefix. The high-end series branded as Espio. Shortly after, Espio branded models started appearing in some regions instead of IQZoom, which was now most common in the US.
    Sample pictures above were taken by a customer who purchased this camera in October 2020 to shoot her clothing collection.

    Disclaimer: These are fragile pieces of history, so be careful with them and be fragile when handling.

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