Pentax IQZoom EZY

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Built-in Flash. Lens: 38-70 mm. Shutter: f/4.8-8.5. Includes automatic focus. Zoom of five elements in five groups, and a top speed of 1/320 sec., stepping down to 1/3 sec at its slowest. It reads the DX coding on film canisters from ISO 25 to 1600. It offers several shooting modes. 

: Battery + 400 Film
Film Type: 35mm Film
Condition: Used 
Released: 1995
Location: Tokyo, Japan 



The Pentax IQZoom EZY is an entry-level point-and-shoot made by Pentax in Japan in the mid-1990s. It has an easy-use build and delivers exceptional results for the price.

Disclaimer: These are fragile pieces of history, so be careful with them and be fragile when handling.

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