Yashica Microtec Zoom 70

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Yashica Microtec Zoom 70 35mm Film Camera with Built-in Flash Wrist Strap Field Case with shoulder strap Infrared active autofocus. Power zoom from 35-70mm, maximum aperture f/4.5-8.3.  Minimum focus distance: 60cm. Zooming viewfinder with a focus-lock indicator. Auto-exposure with center-weighted metering; shutter speeds from 2-1/333s. Multiple flash modes. Self-timer with 10s delay. DX-decoding for automatic Film speed (ISO) selection (50-3200) with 35mm films. Film advance: Motorwind and automatic rewind. Neck strap and soft case.
  • IncludedOriginal packaging from 1996 + Original Case+ Battery + 400 Film
  • Film Type: Film
  • Condition: Brand New With Case
  • Released: 1996
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan


The Yashica Microtec Zoom 70 is a compact zoom-lensed camera from Kyocera. Kyocera, originally a ceramics manufacturer, was founded in 1959 as Kyoto Ceramic Co. Ltd. After changing the brand’s name to Kyocera in 1982, the business decided to focus on camera production in October 1983, when it acquired Yashica Company Ltd. Initially, the company continued to produce evolutionary camera designs under the Yashica and Contax brands, such as the Yashica FX-3 and Contax 159MM. 

Disclaimer: These are fragile pieces of history, so be careful with them and be fragile when handling.

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